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Although 2008 will most likely not match those levels, the market continues to be healthy across the country. One province in particular, British Columbia stands above the rest.The current housing boom is going on 10 years whereas the prior three cycles ranged from five to six years. On a world scale this trend has outlasted many economies around the globe and is now a world class destination. This is clearly a result of home rising continuously for the past 15 years. You’ll notice British Columbia’s fundamental structure remain solid: unemployment is low, immigration is high, and the vacancy rate for apartments is low.Trends cannot last forever and the risk of a U.S. recession is getting closer day by day. The U.S. recession could indeed cause home buyers in Canada to consider postponing their buying diction. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation predict that house prices will grow by 5.2 per cent in 2008. This is no doubt a pretty good increase, but not as good as the 10.6 per cent growth seen last year.What are the chances of a U.S.-style housing meltdown hitting Canada? Because we learn from others, Canadian mortgages have been put under stricter rules and regulations regarding approval status. This means someone who may have been approved for a mortgage last year, may not necessarily be approved under today’s regulations.All factors considered, British Columbia is a world class destination for universal heath care, beautiful cities and clean water. With increasing world population and world pollution, Canada is a safe refuge for real estate investors. Let’s look to Canada as the future leader in real estate standards today.

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Deciding to sell your home is a major decision. It can be a very tiring undertaking if you do not have the right guidance. It is important to find a real estate agency that has the knowledge and experience you need in order to get the right people in your home. The abilities of those at an agency should include the following: sales experience and ability, staging ability, and knowledge of color and design.General experience with real estate is important as you try to find the right agency to sell your home. If an agent is new at selling homes, he or she may do just fine, and your house may sell quickly. If he or she does not have specific experience with selling homes he or she should at least be good at sales and should have experience in other areas.Staging a home is an important part of getting a home ready to sell. You may have no idea how to do this. That is where your real estate agent comes in. They will probably want to give your home a magazine quality. This might mean putting a bowl of fruit on a table and lighting a candle before having someone come in for a showing. Staging also means to remove objects in the home that are too personal. He or she may ask you to take down family pictures and replace them or just leave the space blank. Sometimes less is more as people come in and try to picture their own things in your home.Knowledge of color and design is also important for a real estate agent. He or she should be able to help you to know whether to change the color of your walls, replace pillows on the couch or do something different with window coverings. Some people use bold colors on the walls and windows. This can be detrimental to the sale of your home, because that style is not for everyone, and it may be difficult for some people to get past.Once you find a real estate agency that has agents with these qualities, you will also want to find out what percentage they take of the sale of your home. This is important so that you end up with enough. It needs to be sufficient to give the agent incentive, but it should not be so much that you suffer.